Esplá Abogados has maintained a close relationship with Novatec Asesoría ( since its founding. Novatec is a company dedicated to providing advanced services in company management and technology projects.

Novatec was created in 2004, and provides technical and management consultancy services for companies, investors, and financial entities for the administration, management, development, innovation, and financing of business and projects.

The main purpose of Novatec’s services is to study different scenarios and to propose specific decisions that need to be made at a given time. The company is especially careful to avoid conflicts of interest and maintains the confidentiality of the information obtained in its actions.

Its team has extensive experience in projects relating to chemical and biochemical processing plants, fossil fuel and renewable energy facilities, residential and recreational facilities, electronics factories, urban solid waste and agro-farming waste water treatment facilities, composting plants, cogeneration plants, and district heating facilities, located in countries throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa, and southeast Asia.

Novatec offers technical and management advisory services which are adjusted to the specific needs of their clients and each particular project.

The services cover the areas of business administration and management, execution of projects, product and service innovation, industrial investments and equity participations in such investments, and the financing of projects.