Bankruptcy; Altayó Esplá, Attorneys And Economists


Altayó Esplá is a partnership with 58 years of experience in the legal and economic fields. It is an independent firm providing comprehensive bankruptcy management services.

Altayó Esplá, Abogados y Economistas SLP was created as a specific response to the need for professionalism in the area of bankruptcy management. Altayó Esplá, Abogados y Economistas is formed as a multidisciplinary firm dedicated to bankruptcy management, a result of a partnership between Altayó (Attorneys, Economists, Auditors, and General Administrators), founded in 1953 by Mr. Juan Altayó i Reig, and Esplá Abogados Asociados, founded in 1973 by Mr. Javier Esplá Molina.

Currently the firm is made up of a committed team of more than 20 professionals: attorneys, economists, engineers, administrative managers, auditors, chartered accountants, area consultants, specialists in labor risk prevention, and strategic advisors, all with experience in bankruptcy management.