Bankruptcy; Altayó Esplá, Attorneys And Economists

Economic/Financial Area:

We analyze whether the processes and controls implemented at the company and the decisions of Administrators and agents were appropriate, to guarantee the proper functioning of the business. Likewise, we review and verify accounting documents in order to issue a report as to whether or not said documents reflect an accurate image of the economic situation and results, according to generally accepted accounting principles and standards, bankruptcy law, and other regulations in effect.

The Firm also has extensive experience in management; internal company analysis; organization; management analysis; company restructuring (acquisitions, sales, mergers and divisions, valuation of companies); financial audits; design and negotiation of restructuring, liquidation, or closing agreements; viability plans; analysis and consolidation of financial statements; valuation of companies; human and material resources; and analysis of sectors, markets, and products.

Legal Area:

The experience of our team extends beyond Bankruptcy Law and the daily work of Bankruptcy Management itself, also including areas like Economic Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Maritime Law, Civil Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property, Unfair Competition, Civil Procedural Law, Labor Law, International Law, Financial Law, Tax Law, and the international expansion of companies in Latin America, with significant legal experience in Mexico.

Management Area:

The experience and scope of action of our team extends to labor/administrative management and social security, processing of social security benefits, labor audits, preparation of work schedules, administrative files for employment regulation, tax planning and management including payment of any and all appropriate taxes, management and processing of notary documents, and management real estate assets.