Welcome to Espla your bridge to Hispanic Countries.

Espla is an independent legal boutique firm of providing legal guidance to help bussineses grow and flourish. Our highly qualified and specialized team values personal and customer-oriented service; with 40 years of experince we represent clients in diferents sector covering diverse markets.

Esplá is a specialist in Mexican-Spanish bilateral legal projects. The legal services offered by Esplá in Spain and Mexico establishes the basis to then formulate appropriate strategies for the international expansion of your company. They help you to expand your business abroad, providing legal advisory on implementation, development, execution, conflict resolution, and crisis management.

Espla abogados is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain ,we have a office in Mexico City D.F.

International Profile

In our globalized world, it is increasingly necessary that we take advantage of business opportunities that arise beyond international borders. Because of this, for companies seeking to invest abroad, we have designed customized services that allow them to implement operations successfully and pursuant to their development plans.

The need to expand and conduct business internationally (in addition to the diversity and complexity of markets and their legislation, together with the dynamics of their people and institutions) requires a valid intermediary on both sides of the Atlantic.

Our Background

The team at Esplá Abogados is distributed between Barcelona and Mexico and has more than 40 years of experience in corporate legal advisory, with the challenge itself to offer advisory and support with local knowledge and experience in an international market in a consistent, effective, and secure way.

Our highly qualified and specialized team values personal and customer-oriented service. Our team’s experience includes the representation of clients from a wide range of sectors, including industry, finance, automotive, brewing, trade, construction, entertainment, energy, maritime, hospitality, real estate, food, and new technologies.

México - Spain

Esplá has extensive experience in international business law, international expansion of companies, financing systems, management of crisis situations, defense of transnational interests, and conflict resolution in Spain and Mexico.

Your company’s arrival in Mexico, Spain, or through Mexico into the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean and your challenge as a businessperson go beyond making sales abroad through contacts with importers or launching in a geographic location. International expansion should be a well planned strategic operation, taking into account the proper legal strategy, for your peace of mind as a businessperson.

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