Javier Esplá Molina (Barcelona)

Founding partner of the firm, graduated from the University of Barcelona with a degree in Law and is a specialist in litigation, with 41 years of experience as an attorney in this area, and with extensive experience in bankruptcy law, economic criminal law, labor law, contracting, asset restructuring, civil law, and commercial law. He has served as arbitrator on the Arbitration Court of Barcelona, has extensive experience as Director of Legal Advisory at several insurance companies, and is a member of the Board of Directors at several companies.

Javier Esplá López del Rincón (Barcelona / Mexico City)

Member of the firm since 2000, is an attorney with a Master’s in International Law from ESADE. He was trained in International Maritime Law at ICADE-Spanish Maritime Institute. He began his professional career in 2004 and continues working in Spain and Mexico as a member of the Spanish Association of Maritime Law and the Spanish Association of Insolvency Law, and he participates in the Barcelona Bar Association commissions on International and Community Law, Maritime Law, Commercial Law, and Bankruptcy Law. Since November 2004 he has actively participated in creating and finding business opportunities and the international expansion of companies. Languages: Spanish, English, Catalan.

Ignacio Esplá López del Rincón (Barcelona)

Has a degree in business, and is a business consultant and specialist in bankruptcy law and management of companies in crisis at Esplá Abogados. He has a Master’s in Bankruptcy Law.

Carlos Clanxet Wüst (Barcelona)

An attorney and a specialist in civil and commercial litigation and property law, especially mortgage law, urban leasing, the Law on Construction Planning, as well as negotiations and asset restructuring and transfer. Previously he worked at Grupo Núñez y Navarro and at Compañía General de Tabacos de Filipinas, S.A. as Director of Legal Advisory.

Lourdes Carrasco (Barcelona)

A procedural law attorney specialized in mediation, conflict resolution, and human relations. She is a mediator certified by the Catalonia Mediation Center for civil and commercial matters.

Miguel Ángel Arnaiz Mancebo del Castillo (México DF),
Alejandro García Pérez (México DF),
y Sergio Fayad Cabañas. (México DF)

Managing partners at Esplá Abogados in Mexico City, with extensive experience in corporate, financial, and banking law, with experience in securitization; legal audits; real estate investments; credit restructuring; public tenders; government contracts; energy (public/private partnerships); administrative litigation; support in project supervision; preparation of tender documents for works, services, and concessions (reconfigurations of refineries and other oil industry projects, Ministry of Communications and Transportation highway concessions, infrastructure projects under the National Water Commission and the Federal Electricity Commission); insolvency and bankruptcy; aeronautical law; civil and administrative litigation; consumer defense; and electoral law. Languages: Spanish, English, and German.